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  • Cover of Navigating the Digital Frontier

    Navigating the Digital Frontier

    Christos Makridis

    Founder / CEO

    Learn how the increase in STEM workers has an especially pronounced effect in finance, and why the future requires digital transformation for small and mid sized banks to be competitive and comply with a growing regulatory burden.

  • Cover of The Ultimate Guide to CECL

    The Ultimate Guide to CECL

    Christos Makridis

    Founder / CEO

    See our action steps for CECL compliance. The Financial Accounting Standards Board requires financial institutions to implement CECL for estimating credit losses. We explain how to implement CECL using a comprehensive and detailed audit trail.

Dainamic’s high quality economic data and analytical tools help you make sense of local market conditions so financial institutions can be confident about decisions and the reporting they send to regulators.

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