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Dainamic uses economic data and customized analytics to SMBs deal with an increasingly complex world.

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CECL / Modeling

How Small and Midsized Banks Should Address CECL

The FASB issued the new CECL accounting standard in June 2016 for estimating allowances for credit losses. What does this mean for your bank?

Christos A. Makridis
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  • Economic Intelligence

    Data to help you understand your community and benchmark against the nation.

  • Credible Predictions

    Our AI models predict and forecast help you understand trends and risk.

  • Data Visualizations

    Easily explore and export data on employment, earnings, housing, mortgages, and consumption.

Need a more nimble, cost effective data science team?

Dainamic is led by a small team of economists and data scientists that can help you create and explain forecasts over asset portfolios for CECL.

Dainamic helps banks comply with the current and expected credit loss (CECL) regulation by creating “reasonable and supportable” scenarios through advanced AI technology applied on a wide array of data, comparable to those that large banks have available in-house, at a fraction of the cost. Dainamic’s unique approach draws on extensive academic research.

Dainamic’s high quality economic data and analytical tools help you make sense of local market conditions so financial institutions can be confident about decisions and the reporting they send to regulators.

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